Regain Your Youth With the Right Minimally-Invasive Cosmetic Procedure

Conveniently located to serve the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Regain Your Youth With the Right Minimally-Invasive Cosmetic Procedure

Conveniently located to serve the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Injectable Treatments

Botox is probably the injectable that you are the most familiar with because it is an injectable procedure that millions of people get each year. While injectable treatments vary in terms of how they work, they are all focused on alleviating the signs of aging so that you can look younger. In addition to Botox, there are fillers that can help to fill out wrinkles and add volume to various parts of your face, such as your lips and cheeks.


CoolSculpting is an option for those who want to shape their body and reduce stubborn areas of fat without liposuction. This technique works to destroy fat cells by using very cold temperatures. The treatment freezes targeted fat cells, and over time, they die. Once they are dead, the body gets to work and naturally processes them out. Due to the way the process works, it can take a few months to see your full results, so it is important to be patient while the body takes care of business after the procedure. CoolSculpting is most commonly used for the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, arms, love handles and most popularly the neck.

Chemical Peels

There are several chemical peel options that you can look into to offer a deeper level of exfoliation for your skin. The purpose is to target skin cells that are damaged through the use of specific chemicals. The end result is skin that is smoother and healthier. This treatment is done to help with improving the appearance of sun damage and the signs of aging.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, sometimes referred to as a “boob job”, involves using breast implants or fat transfer to increase the size of breasts. Breast augmentation can also restore breast volume that can be lost after weight reduction or pregnancy.  Breast augmentation surgery can increase the fullness and size of the breasts and provide a natural, more rounded shape.  This procedure can also enhance ones self-image and self-confidence.

FemTouch™ laser for improved vaginal health

FemTouch™ is an in-office, minimally invasive, non-surgical, non-hormonal treatment for treating and improving vaginal health. As women age, they will experience changes in their vagina that are largely due to decreasing levels of the estrogen hormone.  FemTouch™ is an innovative CO₂ laser treatment that is applied along the vaginal walls and delivers very gentle controlled ablation and coagulation of the vaginal lining for improved vaginal health.

Developed by the leading company for aesthetic medical laser devices, in collaboration with leading gynecologists, Lumenis now offers a fast and efficient treatment that treats vaginal health conditions, along with other common vaginal health issues.

At Spa Renaissance and Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Troy, our surgeons have combined research, artistry, and ethics in plastic surgery to provide each individual with natural desired results.