Conveniently located to serve the Metropolitan Detroit area.


Conveniently located to serve the Metropolitan Detroit area.


At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, injectables are often recommended for patients who want to enhance and rejuvenate their facial appearance without undergoing surgery. These minimally invasive, no downtime treatments can be used to augment specific facial features, smooth away wrinkles, and improve overall facial harmony and balance.

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What Are Injectables?

Injectables offer patients a non-surgical treatment option for many aesthetic concerns. At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, injectable treatments are meticulously tailored to accommodate each patient’s unique needs and may involve the use of dermal fillers, neuromodulators, and/or biostimulatory fillers.

It is important to note that injectables are intended to provide temporary results. Follow-up treatments will need to be scheduled to maintain your enhanced look.

Am I a Candidate for Cosmetic Injectables?

Patients of many ages and all skin types can be excellent candidates for facial sculpting and rejuvenation with cosmetic injectables. A consultation with one of our injection specialists is the best way to find out if an injectable treatment is the safest, most effective treatment approach for your needs.

Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers are one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments. From smoothing away wrinkles, replacing lost volume, and enhancing specific facial features, our specialists can provide dramatic, yet natural-looking improvements with HA fillers.

We are proud to provide customized treatments using the following FDA-approved HA fillers:

Restylane® – Our medical providers utilize several HA fillers from the Restylane® family, including Restylane® Lyft,Restylane® Defyne, Restylane® Refyne, Restylane® Silk, and Restylane® Contour.
Juvéderm® – Juvéderm® fillers frequently used by our providers include Juvéderm® Voluma, Juvéderm® Ultra Plus XC, Juvéderm® Ultra XC, Juvéderm® Volbella XC, Juvéderm® Vollure XC, and Juvéderm® Volux.
Revanesse® – The Revanesse® line of HA fillers includes Revanesse® Lips™ and Revanesse® Versa™.
RHA® – Our specialists utilize two types of Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA) fillers: RHA® Redensity and RHA® 3.

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Injectable neuromodulators are most commonly used to minimize facial wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle movements. Neuromodulators contain a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin type A, which works to temporarily prevent muscle contractions, releasing the overlying wrinkles and creases. Frown lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, and horizontal forehead creases are some of the facial lines most frequently treated with neuromodulator injections.

In order to accommodate the varying needs of our patients, Renaissance Plastic Surgery offers treatments with four different FDA-approved neuromodulators:

• Botox®
• Daxxify®
• Dysport®
• Newtox (Jeuveau®)

Biostimulatory Fillers

Biostimulatory fillers stimulate collagen production to firm and plump the skin in the targeted area over time. Our expert injectors can provide incredibly natural-looking enhancement with the following biostimulatory fillers:

• Sculptra®
• Radiesse®

How Much Do Injectable Treatments Cost?

The price associated with your treatment will depend on the specific injectable(s) used and the amount required to accomplish your desired results. Complete cost details for your treatment will be reviewed with you during your consultation.

Schedule a Consultation

To find out if you are a candidate for fillers and/or neuromodulators, contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation. Our team is proud to serve patients throughout the greater Detroit metropolitan area.

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Before & After

View real patient before and after results.

Enhancing your Beauty and Confidence

The medical professionals and staff at Renaissance Plastic Surgery aim to provide a healthy approach to aging. Our goal is to prevent and reverse the effects of aging and environmental factors to make you “ Fabulous at Any Age”!

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Patient Testimonials

This was the best decision I have ever made. I met with Dr. Stefani and hired him & received a full mommy makeover. I had met with several doctors as well, as this was a big decision to make. Dr. Stefani made me feel the most comfortable and he has a great bedside manner. Also, to be completely honest after surgery …He exceeded my expectations. I almost cried after I saw what I looked like after surgery. I had 3 c sections prior and nothing was ever the same after that. I feel better than I did before kids and I wish I did this sooner. If you are even slightly hesitant …don’t be! Dr. Stefani is AMAZING.

Zina Y

February 11, 2023

Dr. Williams is one of the most caring and talented doctors I have ever met! I was diagnosed with breast CA 2 years ago and was referred to him for reconstruction after choosing to do a bilateral mastectomy. Boy was I scared !! He put me at ease right away with great information on what to expect along and seemed to generally care about me even though we had just met! I knew I was in the best hands! Now after 2 years, not to sound weird, I get compliments on my "new" breasts all the time, even my family Dr gave them a big WOW! Cherry on top, he did a Tummy tuck on me to even out new look, and also get compliments all the time!


July 21, 2022

Dr. Miguel is the absolute best!! I've had rhinoplasty in the past with another surgeon, and I came in for a consultation with Dr. Miguel for an alar base reduction (narrowing of nostrils). He was so honest with his answer, and he told me it was not needed. He said the procedure was unnecessary, and to leave my nose just the way it is. He told me all the things that could go wrong if I were to go forward with this procedure. I am so grateful for his honesty, and I appreciate his conservative approach. If you are looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon and want honest feedback with natural results, please consult with Dr. Miguel.

Laura A.

April 14, 2022