Gummy Bears and Breast Implants!?

Conveniently located to serve the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Gummy Bears and Breast Implants!?

Conveniently located to serve the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Breast implants have been used in surgical procedures since the 1960’s. Believe it or not, the surgical community is now on the fourth and fifth generations of silicone gel implants.


Newer Gummy Bear implants are silicone based. Many consumers have limited knowledge on what silicone is, the products and medical devices it’s used for and its benefits. Silicone’s main purpose is to aid in recovery, which means it is used to heal, lubricate, seal and stretch. Silicone is found in medical devices as well as everyday products including cooking spray, chewing gum, make-up, deodorant, and more. In breast implants, silicone is very safe and has been a favored element boosting the natural appearance of a woman’s breast.

History & Cohesiveness

Original silicone implants were referred to as “low bleed”. Meaning over time, the outer coating and the inner silicone could become unstable. It would then flow like a lava lamp within the capsule leaving the product unreliable. Today, the “Gummy Bear” includes a highly cohesive silicone gel which acts like Jell-O or Gummy Bears as it retains its shape rather than pooling. Descriptive terms include anatomically shaped, tear drop, form stable and textured. Furthermore, silicone implants have been cohesive since the early 80’s. As science and technology continue to improve, the variations and cohesiveness do as well.


The FDA regulates many aspects of the healthcare field in the United States, including devices we put into our bodies – therefore any new implant used in U.S. has already been reviewed by the FDA. Both silicone gel implants along with saline implants are all FDA-approved and have been for many years.

With more than 300,000 women getting breast implants every year, improvements in medical technology will do nothing but benefit patients. There are many options and implant styles we can review and I can make recommendations depending on the size, firmness and shape you are looking for. We use all types of implants for augmentation and reconstruction. Come in to see which style is right for you.

Authored by William A. Stefani, M.D., Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon